Why do you dance?

Dancing is a popular form of physical exercise. Studies have shown that it can decrease anxiety, increase self-esteem, and improve psychological wellbeing.

There are quite a few reasons why people choose to dance. Some reasons are listed here. Why do you dance?

The length of the blue bar in your results shows how much you are motivated by each of the eight factors.

1.… because I like being in control of my body
2.… because it fills me up with energy
3.… to avoid feeling the blues
4.… because I like the company
5.… because I can experience an altered state of mind
6.… because I am looking for a sex partner
7.… because I constantly improve
8.… because I feel sexy when I dance
9.… to exercise
10.… because I can experience ecstasy
11.… to watch my lines
12.… because girls are pretty / boys are handsome
13.… because I am surrounded by people who think like me
14.… because when I dance, I don’t have to deal with my everyday problems
15.… because I can meet many people like me
16.… because dancing brings out the man/woman within me
17.… because otherwise my life would be empty
18.… because I like being physically close to another human being
19.… because it feels like floating
20.… to be healthy
21.… to be fit
22.… because I enjoy it
23.… because it improves my coordination
24.… because it makes easy to socialise
25.… because dancing improves my self-esteem
26.… because I feel that I would miss something if I didn’t dance
27.… because dancing improves my mood
28.… because I can experience a trance-like state
29.… because I am looking for a relationship

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