I want to add my dance studio to the database

Please first search for your studio’s name here. If you find it, please click on the name, scroll down and submit the “Claim the Listing” form. Upon approval you’ll be able to edit all details, add your schedule, photos and even a video.

If your school is not listed at all, please complete a quick registration (it’s free!) and then go to “Add new school“.


How can I improve my studio’s profile?

First, make sure all information is correct and complete. Provide accurate contact information, schedule of your lessons, and a brief description of your studio. Check that your school is properly located on the map. Edit or re-enter the addres if it’s not the case. Definitely upload some photos of your studio. Photos are often key to attracting more customers. Finally, ask your students to leave a short review. This will position your studio higher in the search results.


I am a dance instructor, not a school. Can I add my individual profile?

Certainly yes! Please complete a quick registration (it’s free!) and then go to “Add new coach“.


I can’t find any schools in my city

Dance Nexus is still young. Just email us, and we’ll promptly add schols in your areas of interest.


We offer classes at more than one location

You can either create a separate entry for each location, or have only one entry for your main location and add the additional locations in the description field.


I want to delete my entry

No worries, just drop us a line indicating the entry you want to remove and the reason for it

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