Dance exercises and moves

Take a look at the selection of exercises that can be used by the dancers of any style to improve flexibility, strength and technique.

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waltz and rumba box step

How to dance the box step in waltz and rumba

In love with dancing but not sure where to start? Let us make you acquainted with the box step, a dear friend of any dancer. It is the ...
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ballet positions

Basic ballet positions

In ballet we have five basic positions of feet And five positions of arms ...
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ballet rond de jamb

Rond de jambe par terre

Rond de jambe par terre is one of main ballet exercises that increases the turn-out of the legs. Translated from French, it means circling the leg on the ground ...
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stretching for dancers

The best stretching technique for dancers

Stretching is commonly used by athletes to increase their range of movement, as a warm-up or a cool-down. But do you know that there is more to stretching ...
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